Bridgeport Train Accident Lawyer

While car accidents are much more common, train accidents can be truly life shattering. Railroad accidents are often caused by operator errors, equipment failures or lack of proper maintenance. When a train accident injures passengers on board, the passengers may have a claim for negligence against the operator and owner. If the cause of the accident was a defective or malfunctioning train part, the passengers may pursue a claim against those who manufactured, sold, installed, repaired or serviced the defective part through the help of an injury lawyer in Bridgeport.

Railroad companies have a duty to warn its passengers of common dangers, such as standing in the aisle on a moving train, or watching the gap between the train and the platform. If the danger is obvious to passengers, the railroad company may not be liable, or only partially liable, for any resulting injuries. Drivers also must follow laws regarding crossing railroad tracks. If you were injured aboard a Metro North or Amtrak train, it is necessary to speak to an attorney about your rights and options.

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If you or your loved has been injured in a train accident, it is important to speak to an attorney about your rights and options. Ganim Injury lawyers have successfully handled railroad injury cases for clients throughout state.

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