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Ways in Which Social Media Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim

Almost everyone uses social media for various reasons. However, in a personal injury claim, it is risky to post anything online relating to your claim as it can be used against you. It is therefore important to understand how social media can affect your claim and how you can protect your claim.

Some of the posts that may hurt your injury claim are:

Comments: Insurance adjusters can use any of your accident-related comments against you to delay or deny your claim.

Pictures: Insurance adjusters may try to find pictures of you engaging in active behavior, such as dancing or partying, to claim that you were not actually injured.

Videos: Videos that show that you are feeling fine may be used to undermine your claim of pain and suffering or prove that the type of injuries you incurred are exaggerated.

How to Protect Your Claim on Social Media

The best rule for social media use when you have a personal injury claim is to not use it at all. However, many people are reluctant to take this action. Therefore, other ways you can protect your claim on social media are:

Being careful what you post: Avoid talking about your claim online, avoid posting anything you shared with your personal injury attorney and do not post photos of the accident or your injuries.

Adjusting your privacy settings: Adjust your privacy settings so that only friends and family can locate and view your profile. This will help provide some privacy and protection.

Asking friends and family to be private: Ask your friends and family not to discuss your case, your injuries or any other claim-related information online.

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