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Questions to Ask a Car Accident Lawyer

No matter how big or small the case; you should always hire an experienced and aggressive car accident lawyer. If you have been injured in car accident, then hiring a car accident attorney in Connecticut can help you get the most for your auto insurance claim.

A Connecticut car accident attorney will explain complicated paper work, assist you in making a legal claim, and investigate the details of your accident. The lawyer can help you in claiming the compensation you deserve, either by representing you for an insurance settlement or suing the other driver for damages.

You can make a list of questions that you'd like to ask the lawyer. You will learn more about the car accident lawyer and decide if you want to proceed with the case. Following are the questions that will help you make a sound decision:

  • Do you belong to any bar associations or professional organizations? If so, which ones?
  • How long have you practiced personal injury law?
  • How is liability determined in a car accident case?
  • How do I go about getting experts to help me with my car accident case?
  • How many auto accident injury lawsuits do you settle each year? Have you handled cases similar to mine?
  • Will you personally manage my case, or will another attorney manage it?
  • Will you handle negotiations and court appearances?
  • Do you have any special experience representing victims of auto accident who have back injuries, neck injuries, or other injuries that may cause lifelong medical problems?
  • What kind of financial settlement or judgment can I realistically expect to receive?
  • Do you charge a contingency fee or hourly rate?
  • If we do not get a settlement or win the case, will I have to pay you any money?

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