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Preserving Evidence in a Personal Injury Case

Victim of personal injury accident

If you have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence and are thinking of filing a claim, it is important for you to understand that evidence plays a crucial role in your personal injury case. Gathering and preserving evidence that corroborates your case is important. Therefore, knowing how to preserve evidence after an accident is to your benefit. Here are some tips from our experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers:

Return to the accident scene as soon as possible: You should revisit the accident scene as soon as possible to find any evidence related to the accident. If it was a slip and fall accident, look for things that may have contributed to your accident such as improperly maintained sidewalks, steps or floors. If it was a motor vehicle accident, look for an intersection without visual clearance for drivers, faulty traffic lights or an unsafe road design.

Take photographs: Photographs of your injuries or damages is evidence that is difficult to dispute. You should take pictures of injuries, property damage and road or premise conditions from different angles.
If people have witnessed the accident, ask them to give their statement and have them sign on it. Get their address and phone numbers so your attorney can contact them later.

Get eyewitness information: Get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of people who saw the accident. If you are physically able to, ask them to give their statements and ask them to sign it.

Keep a record of your treatment: If your injuries are serious and require medical treatment, keep a record of your treatment, including copies of all your medical bills. These documents can help you to prove your case.

Protect physical evidence: Physical evidence is something you can see or touch. Liability for an accident can often be proved through physical evidence. If you aren’t able to preserve the evidence, take photographs of it before the evidence changes.

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