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According to statistics of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 41,059 people died in auto or truck accidents in 2007. More than 2.49 million people were injured due to accidents involving a car or a truck. Most accidents were caused by negligence or recklessness of some of the drivers involved.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident due to the negligence of others, then you have the right to claim compensation for your injuries. We, at Ganim Injury Lawyers have over 30 years of experience handling motor vehicle accident cases. We are dedicated to client service and communication with all phone calls returned within 24 hours.

How Can a Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Help You?

Analyzing facts: Your attorney can analyze the facts and determine whether you have grounds to file a case.

Collect evidence: Your attorney will collect evidence to prove your case.

Filing a case: Your attorney will help you file the case within the statute of limitation.

Paperwork: Your attorney can take care of paperwork and communications with your insurance agency.

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Ganim Injury Lawyers represents automobile accident victims and their families in New Haven, CT. We have experience handling court proceedings and insurance agencies. We strive to claim maximum compensation for your injuries. Call (877)828-4279 for a consultation with Ganim Injury Lawyers.