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Helpful Tips for Car Accident Insurance Claims

Filing an insurance claim after a car accident can be time-consuming and stressful. You will have to prove that your injuries and damages are the result of the car accident. This can become extra stressful when you are dealing with the trauma or shock of the accident you were involved in.

The following are some tips to make sure that the insurance claim goes as smoothly as possible.

Hire a car accident attorney: The claim process can be tedious. Accordingly, it is best to hire an experienced car accident attorney so that you can concentrate on getting well from your injuries.

Timing is everything: It is vital to start making requests for documents that will support your insurance claim as soon as possible. Time is especially crucial when dealing with surveillance footage since most establishments delete surveillance footage after a certain period of time. Police and DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) reports may also take time to get so it becomes important to request these documents as soon as possible.

Review your policy: Get a clear idea of what your insurance covers. Identify the total amount that you are entitled to from your automobile or motorcycle insurance as well as your health coverage.

Written communication is preferable: It is best to correspond with your claim adjuster or handler via e-mail as opposed to using the telephone. Save all the e-mails that you have sent or received. This will keep all communication between you and your insurance provider accurate and transparent.

Create and keep a digital copy: If possible, keep a digital copy of all the documents that you have already acquired. Printed documents may tear or get wet so it is best to have a digital copy on hand.

Save all documents: Make sure to keep all your records, documents and other evidence safe. The last thing you want to do is hinder your insurance claim by misplacing or losing crucial documents or evidence.

Be honest with your insurance company: Be truthful when transferring any kind of information to your insurer. Any discrepancy between what you tell your insurance company and their findings may result in a denied claim.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, be sure to consult with a car accident attorney. At Ganim Injury Lawyers, our car accident attorneys have years of experience in helping car accident victims. We will help you with your insurance claim so that you can concentrate on getting well from your injuries. Call 203-445-6542 or email george@ganiminjurylawyers.com.

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