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Ways in Which Social Media Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim

Almost everyone uses social media for various reasons. However, in a personal injury claim, it is risky to post anything online relating to your claim as it can be used against you. It is therefore important to understand how social media can affect your claim and how you can protect your claim. Some of the…
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Helpful Tips for Car Accident Insurance Claims

Filing an insurance claim after a car accident can be time-consuming and stressful. You will have to prove that your injuries and damages are the result of the car accident. This can become extra stressful when you are dealing with the trauma or shock of the accident you were involved in. The following are some…
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What to Do After a Car Accident that is Not Your Fault

Car accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Car accidents are never pleasant, but the following information can help you to be aware of the things you should do after a car accident. Stay Calm: Immediately following the accident, relax as much as you can and remain calm. If you are injured, get immediate…
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What Happens If a Car Accident Has No Witnesses?

Witnesses play a key role in a car accident case, as well as in the insurance claims process. However, there are cases where there is no witness, or the witness does not want to come forward. Although having a witness is important, the absence of witnesses does not overrule your right to make an accident…
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